Individuals must have a valid CRC (criminal record check) *OR THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR A CLINIC*  The CRC validation takes 3-4 days to complete so waiting until the day before a clinic to close to register causes problems.  There is no workaround for not having a valid CRC, so if it is not completed in time, the individual will have to attend another clinic at another time.  Every 18+ official should make sure this is done ASAP.  The CRC can be done online in most circumstances.

To Check if your CRC is valid you must set up your HCR 3.0 profile first.

  1.  go to
  2. At the top right corner click the LOGIN tab
  3. Sign in with your HCR access email, or click the sign up tab if you haven't used HCR before
  4. Enter your password or reset your password by clicking "Forgot password"
  5. Once into HCR 3.0 click the person logo at the top right and select "MY ACCOUNT"
  6. You will now be in your "dashboard" on the left side click the 'MEMBERS' tab
  7. You will see a circle with your initials, and beside that will be a person logo with a +, click the person logo
  8. You must now search for yourself by name and birthdate, once you find yourself click 'LINK'
  9. Then under relationship you select 'SELF'
  10. Back at your dashboard you will now see two sets of your initials, click the second one and under the CRC tab you will see your current status for your CRC's.  If they are expired, you must do a new one.

Parents can also add their  children's HCR information to their dashboard in the same way.  If your CRC needs renewal:

  1.  Go to
  2. Read all instructions to make sure you understand the process.
  3. Click the link on '1' line and follow the instructions as needed.